How to use Out-of-Office (OOO) iPhone App redeem code

When you have received Out-of-Office (OOO) iPhone App redeem code, please follow below procedures to activate the code.

Note: The redeem code is a 8 digits hex code (0-F).

Pre-requisite: Your Domino administrator must have installed and setup OOO server component for the OOO iPhone App to work.
Download and configure OOO server component


1) Download and install OOO iPhone App from Apple iTunes Store [iTunes Link]

2) Fill in the login information on the Settings page and click "Connect".

Note: You can use your internet address as your user name, e.g.

3) After successfully login, your OOO profile will be loaded.

4) Click the information icon

5) Click the Redeem button and enter the Redeem Code and click OK.

6) Done! Your OOO iPhone App is now fully functional.

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