SecurSearch - The eDiscovery Solution for HCL Notes & Domino

SecurSearch is a robust, yet easy-to-use product that is designed for businesses to perform e-discovery within HCL Domino user mail databases and to execute search and analysis within SecurTrac logs. With SecurSearch, not only you will be able to meet investigative, compliance, regulatory or internal governance needs, but also to perform defensive audits in regular basis by executing stored query procedures you have composed and saved.

New!   How SecurTrac and SecurSearch Help to Enable GDPR Compliance

SecurSearch Features

Search Mail Databases & SecurTrac logs

  • Perform ediscovery searches across user mail database files or SecurTrac logs on one or more server simultaneously.

Reusable Search Queries

  • No need to always input frequently used search criteria, since SecurSearch has the ability to save and reuse search query settings easily.

Export Search Results for review

  • Export search query results into a CSV file or NSF database format.
  • Ideal for delivering search query results to auditors for review and/or litigation purposes.

Sort & Filter Search Results

  • Sort results by column to find information more easily.
  • Apply filters to existing search results in order to narrow the focus to more specific information without having to perform a new search.

Search servers around the globe with ease

  • When performing searches across a slow WAN/LAN, SecurSearch has a built-in feature where the Domino Server can perform the actual search instead of the workstation that is running SecurSearch. This will allow SecurSearch to complete a search more quickly and efficiently.

Full Support for Domino ACL Security Controls

  • Execute searches across databases respecting the existing database ACL settings or make use of the Domino Full Access Administrator security privilege(if configured on the Domino server) to search across database regardless of the database ACL settings.

Formula Wizard

  • Use the intuitive Formula Wizard to specify a wide range of search criteria, which includes using Date, Person, Field and keyword values.

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