ExtraTxt - Enterprise SMS/Text Messaging Server

ExtraTxt is a new-generation reliable, robust, enterprise class SMS - Text Messaging software appliance developed by Extracomm to meet the modern day business needs for companies of any size. ExtraTxt empowers global reach to prospects and customers alike at a fraction of the effort and cost compared to voice communications. It allows you to substantially extend your sales, marketing, transaction processing, operations and logistics communications as well as system monitoring alert capabilities reaching out to a global audience, directly through your mobile carrier, SMS Centers (SMSC), or through Skype.

ExtraTxt Features

E-mail to/from SMS – Text Messaging

  • Send and receive SMS - Text Messages within your e-mail client such as Outlook, Lotus Notes, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. By forwarding their incoming e-mails to ExtraTxt, users can receive SMS notifications relating to the new e-mails they may have received.

Send Bulk SMS – Text Messages

  • Send broadcast SMS - Text Messages to a large audience of recipients with ease.

Personalized SMS – Text Messages (SMS Merge)

  • Similar to mail merge, CSV file information can be merged with SMS templates. Users can personalize SMS messages for each recipient.

Outlook Mobile Service (OMS)

  • You can compose text messages within Microsoft Outlook and forward Outlook items (including e-mail messages, meetings, and contacts) as text messages. You can receive replies from mobile devices and have two-way communication between Outlook and mobile phones.

Support LDAP Authentication

  • ExtraTxt can integrate with LDAP servers (e.g. Microsoft Active Directory Server) for user login authentication.

Address Books

  • ExtraTxt provides public/personal/shared address books for users to organize their contacts and distribution lists.

Intra-network SMS

  • In some countries, carriers charge less money for intra-network SMS than for inter-network SMS. By providing mobile number and its carrier information, messages will be routed to a port so that intra-network SMS can be achieved.

Template Libraries

  • You can store reusable text message content in the public/private template libraries of ExtraTxt. The libraries allow users to categorize templates into different folders. This makes repetitive communications quick and accurate.


  • ExtraTxt allows a single instance of ExtraTxt running on a server, serving multiple client organizations (tenants). The ExtraTxt instance is logically partitioned so that it appears to each organization that they are accessing a completely separate instance of ExtraTxt.

ExtraTxt API

  • Third party applications can be integrated with ExtraTxt to send text messages as well as to query outgoing and incoming text messages that are transmitted through ExtraTxt.

Virtual Appliance

  • Supporting vmware ESXi & Hyper-V, ExtraTxt is easy to install, deploy and update. Makes relocating and backing up to another server easy.

Mobile Coupons

  • Support Apple Passbook coupons, web coupons and text coupons.
  • Support static and unique coupon codes.
  • You can proactively deliver your coupons to your subscription lists.
  • Coupons can be sent to people when they opt-in or text for a coupon.
  • Instead of creating the Apple Passbook coupon from scratch, you can import a Passbook coupon and then customize the coupon.
  • Apart from SMS, you can send coupons to your customers by Email, or by printing.

Subscription Lists

  • Allows your customers to join your mobile marketing list by texting a keyword (e.g. name of your restaurant) to a short code.

Web Widget for Subscription List

  • After you have embedded the web widget on your web site, people can sign up your subscription list from the web. Verification code will be sent to subscriber to confirm the inputted mobile number.

SMS Sweepstakes

  • A promotional marketing campaign that gives your customers the chance to win a prize.
    This can engage your customers, increase your brand awareness and improve your customer loyalty.

Text Responses

  • Allows your customers to request information on demand by texting a keyword to a short code. This lets your customers text to receive instant details, links to web sites and links to download apps.

Sender ID Branding

  • Outgoing text messages can be branded with a Sender ID of your choice (normally your company name or product name).

Do Not Call List

  • In some countries, businesses are not legally permitted to send promotional SMS to phone numbers that have been registered on the "Do Not Call List" without prior consent of those recipients.

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Other Information

ExtraTxt - Delivers Apple Passbook Coupons, Web Coupons and Text Coupons

More than Traditional Mobile Coupons... Offers Apple Passbook Support

ExtraTxt’s mobile coupon features will permit your sales and marketing departments to maximize its reach by allowing mobile coupons to be sent to subscribers using multiple formats. Whether it’s an Apple Passbook Coupon, Web Coupon, or a standard SMS Text Message Coupon, ExtraTxt will let your business send exclusive offers and discounts to all of your opted-in subscribers. Being suitable for any business type or size, ExtraTxt allows creating and distributing mobile coupons in a simple and an affordable way - all with a few clicks of a button.

ExtraTxt End User Experience