SecurTrac System Requirements

SecurTracTM runs as a native HCL Domino server add-in task. Below is a summary of hardware and software that is required for SecurTracTM to run properly on your HCL Domino servers.


    • Similar hardware requirements for running a HCL Domino server
    • At least 128MB memory in addition to the memory requirement for the HCL Domino server (256MB or more memory is recommended)
    • At least 10GB hard disk space (100GB or more free space for the Log databases is recommended). The actual storage requirement depends on amount of content being logged.

    • Windows Server 2016/2019/2022, Linux, AIX
    • HCL Domino 10/11/12 - HCL Domino 14 support coming soon!

Supported administration clients

TM currently supports the following types of administration clients:
    • HCL Notes Client 10/11/12 HCL Notes 14 support coming soon!