ExtraFax 4.2 for Exchange is available for download now!

New Product Announcement - May 25, 2022

Extracomm Inc. is proud to announce the availability of ExtraFax 4.2 for Microsoft Exchange. This new maintenance release contains many new features, essential enhancements and fixes as described below.

What's New in ExtraFax 4.2 for Microsoft Exchange

New features and enhancements - This version contains the following useful new features and enhancements:

  • Supports Microsoft Windows Server 2022.

  • ExtraFax now supports the use of Brooktrout 6.15.0 driver.

  • etherFax: capability to specify a custom etherFAX service address.

  • Brooktrout Fax: capability to decide whether to resend the relevant fax pages in case of RTN (Retrain Negative) or just simply ignore that.

  • Port Configuration: Queueing Pages Threshold. Fax job will not be assigned to the port if number of pages queueing in this port exceeds this value.

  • Email notification: Sender name and email address can be configured in the Organization.

  • OAuth Authorization: Previously ExtraFax uses Azure AD Graph API to import Microsoft 365 users and Azure AD Graph API is depreciated.

    In this version, ExtraFax is updated to use the new Microsoft Graph API to import Microsoft 365 users.

  • Updated on Sep 01, 2022 (ExtraFax 4.2 Build 220721) - Apart from Microsoft IIS SMTP server, ExtraFax now supports other 3rd party SMTP server as the local mail server.

  • Updated on Feb 13, 2023 (ExtraFax 4.2 Build 230202) - During Initial System Setup, ExtraFax now uses Windows Powershell and the related installers to install IIS, URL Rewrite and ARR instead of using Web Platform Installer.

* New fixes and updates - ExtraFax 4.2 for Microsoft Exchange contains several fixes and updates:
  • User synchronization from AD may fail in some situations. Fixed.

  • When AD user logins to ExtraFax web app, error "found character that cannot start any token" occurs. Fixed.

  • Some temporary files are accumulated and use plenty of disk space when "Insert Timestamp and Fax Record Number Prefix to Incoming Fax Filename" is enabled. Fixed.

  • Diva / XCAPI: fax received in standard resolution instead of the chosen fine resolution. Fixed.

  • Diva / XCAPI: problem in sending multiple fax pages. Fixed.

  • Diva / XCAPI: fax jobs might get stuck in rare occasions. Fixed.

  • Diva / XCAPI: enhanced error messages in case of fax transmission failures.

  • ExtraFax Cloud: fixed a bug related to the outbound fax retry count.

  • Port Server: fax jobs might get stuck in rare occasions. Fixed.

For new installation, please:

1. Follow the installation instructions mentioned in ExtraFax Installation Guide.

How to upgrade from a previous version of ExtraFax for Exchange:

Please make sure you have a valid ExtraFax 4.2 license key before upgrading. License keys from any previous version are not compatible.
You can upgrade to this version if you have purchased our Maintenance Plus Plan or Standard Maintenance Plan.

Please kindly contact our Authorized Reseller or Extracomm Sales Team at sales@extracomm.com for maintenance plan pricing.

Upgrade Procedure:

1. Backup your existing ExtraFax SQL Database and make note of any customizations.

2. If possible, please also back up your existing ExtraFax installation folder (e.g. C:\Extracomm\ExtraFax for Exchange).

3. Open ExtraFax Management Console. Stop all ExtraFax services.

4. In ExtraFax Management Console. Double-click License. Enter the new license key. Quit the ExtraFax Management Console.

5. Go to Windows "Start Menu" -> "Services".
    - Change "Startup type" of the following Windows services to "Manual":
      • ExtraFax Server
      • ExtraFax Port Server
      • ExtraFax Directory Sync Service (if exists)

6. For users of Brooktrout TR1034/TruFax/SR140, if you are using a Brooktrout driver older than version 6.15.0, please download and reinstall with the Brooktrout 6.15.0 driver. (http://www.extracomm.com/Extracomm/ECDownload.nsf/www/BT6150INSTGuide)

7. Download and install .NET Framework 4.8.
After the .NET Framework installation, restart the computer.
(Skip this step if .NET Framework 4.8 is already installed in your machine.)

8. Run the new ExtraFax setup program to start installing the latest version of ExtraFax.
You can perform in-place upgrades. There is no need to un-install the previous version of ExtraFax before installing ExtraFax 4.2 for Exchange.

9. At the end of the installation, you will be asked to open the ExtraFax Management Console.
Please open it. This will connect to the SQL Server and upgrade the database.
Wait for a while as the upgrade database process may take some time to complete.

10. You will see a confirmation dialog box (e.g. "ExtraFax has successfully upgraded the SQL database schema to version 4.2") on success of the database upgrade. ExtraFax services will be started automatically.

11. Revert the startup type of ExtraFax services that you have done in Step 5:
    - Go to Windows "Start Menu" -> "Services".
      - If local SQL server is used, change startup type as following:
      • For "ExtraFax Server", use "Automatic delay".
      • For "ExtraFax Port Server", use "Automatic".
      • For "ExtraFax Directory Sync Service" (if exists), use "Automatic delay".
    - Otherwise, if remote SQL server is used, change startup type as following:
      • For "ExtraFax Server", use "Automatic".
      • For "ExtraFax Port Server", use "Automatic".
      • For "ExtraFax Directory Sync Service" (if exists), use "Automatic".

12. Restart the computer and test to confirm that it is running normally.

* Note for upgrade (in case you are using "OAuth 2.0 Authorization" function previously):

If you are upgrading from ExtraFax 4.1 (or earlier version) and using the "Organization Management" -> "OAuth 2.0 Authorization" function to import users directly from Microsoft 365:
  • After the ExtraFax server upgrade, please follow steps in this link to re-configure your OAuth settings.
  • You are not affected if you are using "Organization Management" -> "User Synchronization" function to synchronize users from on-premise Active Directory.

* Discontinued support of features or devices:

The following features are removed and no longer supported with ExtraFax 4.2 for Exchange:
  • Inbound Routing Configuration
    - Route to SharePoint Library.
    - Route to Cloud Storage (Google Drive/OneDrive for Business/OneDrive/DropBox/Box).
    - Print to Google Cloud Printer.

The following fax boards are no longer supported beginning with ExtraFax 4.2 for Exchange:

Unsupported DeviceSuggested Replacement
Dialogic Fax BoardAny ExtraFax supported fax board, e.g. Brooktrout TR1034
Diva Fax BoardAny ExtraFax supported fax board, e.g. Brooktrout TR1034
Diva SoftIPBrooktrout SR140

* Discontinued support of software:

The following software is no longer supported beginning with ExtraFax 4.2 for Exchange:

Unsupported Exchange Server VersionSuggested Replacement
Exchange Server 2010Exchange Server 2013 / 2016 / 2019
Unsupported Outlook Client VersionSuggested Replacement
Outlook 2010Outlook 2013 / 2013 / 2016 / 2019 / 2021

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