Switch for Free to ExtraFax

Switch for Free (and pay for just the Maintenance!)

How does Switch for Free work and what products are eligible?

If you have the proof of purchase for a major software based faxing product like Rightfax™ or Esker Fax™, for either HCL Domino or Microsoft Exchange, we will provide the equivalent product to you for FREE*, just sign up for our Maintenance Plus plan with a 3-year commitment. Contact sales@extracomm.com to see if other competing fax products are also eligible for the switch for free offer!

What is Maintenance Plus and how much is it?

Maintenance Plus plans include both full version and maintenance release upgrades, access to Technical Support, helpful product videos and FAQ library. Maintenance Plus is calculated at 25% of the list price for the ExtraFax package that you are switching to. Keep in mind that this includes all major upgrades as well, so there is nothing more to buy!

We had a full on-premise installation? Can we still switch but choose a ExtraFax Hybrid Cloud implementation?

Yes, when switching to ExtraFax, you have the choice to use it in a full on-premise implementation or you can deploy ExtraFax in a Hybrid Cloud implementation, which can save your organization additional money related to expensive fax hardware and telecommunication gateways.

How can I try ExtraFax to see if it is as good as you say?

Get your free 30-day trial version of ExtraFax and see for yourself! Free trials are available for HCL Domino and Microsoft Exchange platforms. Simply go to www.extracomm.com

What if I don't have time to implement ExtraFax, but we really want to switch?

Extracomm and its resellers can offer Professional services with remote/on site installation and configuration services to get ExtraFax deployed quickly in your organization’s environment.

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RightFax is a registered trademark of OpenText. Esker is a registered trademark of Esker S.A in the U.S. and other countries.