ExtraFax Cloud Fax Service is available now!

New Product Announcement - November 25, 2019

Extracomm Inc. is proud to announce the availability of ExtraFax Cloud Fax Service.

The ExtraFax Cloud Fax Service Internet Fax Service is a high-capacity, reliable, and globally accessible service that enables transmission and reception of faxes from any internet-connected application, with no installations.


Whether you need to enable faxing for one person or one thousand, ExtraFax is designed to meet your requirements. An unlimited number of users can be set up under one account, each with its required services and inbound or outbound fax queues. ExtraFax is just as easy to setup whether your business needs faxing capabilities from a single location, from a company campus, or from multiple offices around the world.

Simple Pricing

ExtraFax Cloud Fax Service pricing is easy to understand, with no hidden costs. Fax transmission and reception is subscription-based and includes a generous allowance of included fax pages each month. No long-term contracts required

Reliability and Stability

ExtraFax Cloud Fax Service offers its clients better than 99. 9% service uptime. The underlying system is deployed across two geographically-separate, highly specialized data centers, each of which has redundant internet access and networking. In case of an outage in the main data center, the secondary data center kicks in with no changes necessary on the client side for continuous operation.


No Installation - Send faxes from your favorite email program with no additional installations required - no phone lines, no modems, and no software to install.
Excellent Rates - Low rates, combined with no setup charges or hidden fees offer you the best value around. You only pay for what you fax.
No Maintenance Costs - ExtraFax Cloud Fax Service eliminates the need to purchase fax hardware, fax software, and phone lines.
Fast Adoption - Our developer API supports a wide variety of development languages and seamlessly integrates into your application scripts.
Scalability - ExtraFax is fully scalable - expanding and contracting naturally with your evolving faxing requirements.
Cost Control - View documents, creation times, or costs of individual faxes, and manage your faxing cost centers online through web-based interfaces.
Privacy and Security - Inbound fax encryption guarantees data security with peace of mind that all servers are in a secure environment, only accessible to approved personnel.

Send Faxes from Any Application

Send faxes via email directly from your favorite email program - Outlook, Gmail, or any other email program. You can also send and receive faxes directly from within cloud repositories such as Google Drive. Using our fax API, you can integrate our fax service with any enterprise application and send faxes online directly from your in-house application.

Built with Developers in Mind

An XML Web Service API enables developers to add faxing capabilities to new and legacy applications, as well as shrink-wrapped applications. The fax API offers basic fax send/receive, and advanced features such as multiple destinations, deferred transmission, document resolution, and more. It supports all modern languages like Java, .Net, PHP, Python, Ruby and NodeJS.

A Robust, International Communications Network

With multiple fax server access points, or POPs, worldwide, ExtraFax Cloud Fax Service offers clients a variety of global inbound fax numbers, as well as multiple routes for sending faxes in case of telecommunication outages and bottlenecks.

Send and Receive Fax via Email

With just an Internet connection, you can easily send and receive faxes from anywhere using a PC or a mobile device. Whether you are one person sending faxes from your home office, or an organization with thousands of employees, ExtraFax Cloud Fax Service scales to your needs to provide the convenience of faxing via email.

• Easily send faxes from any email program, business application, or mobile device

• Receive faxes anywhere, including your mobile device

• Faxes reach recipients directly, with no lost faxes or missed orders

• Maximum security with inbound fax encryption

• Manage multiple senders with full cost control

• Local, dedicated fax number with no phone lines, modems or software to install

• Excellent rates with no setup charges or monthly fees

• Eliminate costs related to equipment, save maintenance and telecom costs

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