Brooktrout board returns error 326, what is it?

Apply to:  ExtraFax for Exchange; ExtraFax for Domino All versions

Last Modified Date:  07/24/2013

The explanation and suggestion provided by Brooktrout Support:


Brooktrout TR114 and TRufax boards (also 1034) do not support group 2 fax devices. Group 2 fax devices went obsolete before 1980, so don't believe the fax device this customer is sending to is actually a group 2 fax

There is a known issue with a Brother Intellifax emitting some strange tones which our board does believe is a group 2 device? I would have the customer find out if the fax machine he is trying to send to is a Brother Intellifax?

The work around for this is to extend ced timeout in the btcall.cfg to 6000 or 8000. Restart the computer after changing the btcall.cfg. If this does not resolve, I would have the customer add 3 ";" after the phone number, for a 15 second pause. This way our board will dial the #, and then wait 15 sec (ignoring whatever tones the receiving side is sending, then the fax will go through.

If in fact this is a group 2 fax device, Brooktrout boards do not support group 2 machines ( only group 3-=4 fax devices).