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SecurTrac Notes.ini Settings

To tune the performance of SecurTracTM, the Notes administrator can modify the SecurTrac settings in the Notes.ini file. There are variables that the administrator can modify in order to achieve the best performance for the entire Notes system.

Starting in SecurTrac 2.3, please note that the settings below can now be configured in the SecurTrac server document. Please refer to Configure SecurTrac Server SettingsDatabase 'SecurTrac Admin Guide', View 'd. Printed Book', Document 'Configure SecurTrac Server Settings' for details.

Notes.ini VariablesDescription
* Obsolete - No longer be used in SecurTrac 2.2.x or later.

It controls the time interval at which SecurTrac writes logs to its database.
The default value is 5 seconds. This serves to distribute the I/O evenly.

Unit = second

The optimal value of this variable should be from 5 to 30 seconds.
SCTLicenseKey=valueLicense key to control the validity and functionality of SecurTrac.
SCTExcludeTaskList=valueList of task names which you want to be excluded by SecurTrac logging.

For example, you want to exclude the logging initiated by Agent Manager, you can use:

SCTLogDBSizeLimit=valueThe SecurTrac logs are accumulated in the SecurTrac Log Database unless the administrator deletes the logs. Once the logs reach a certain size, a new log database will be automatically created to continue storing the newly generated logs. Notes administrator can modify this parameter to control the maximum size of the log database.

The default value is 2048 mega-bytes.

Unit = MB

If you set it to "0", the database size will be unlimited.
It controls when SecurTrac writes logs to the Log Database. To reduce the impact of SecurTrac to other tasks running on the Domino server, SecurTrac writes logs to Log Database only when the availability index of Domino server is above a particular level.

The default value is 20.
SCTMailClusterServer=valueIf you are running Domino clustering and using SecurTrac Mail Monitor, you need to configure this field. In a cluster environment, users may access the mail file on the primary server or the failover server. In order to make SecurTrac aware of the Domino clustering, you need to add this line in the cluster server Notes.ini file.


where ServerName is the primary Domino server name in canonical form.
SCTWorkDirectory=valueTo reduce I/O contention with Domino, you can set the working directory of SecurTrac to a physical hard disk separate from Domino server's databases. This will increase the overall performance of the system.

The default value of this parameter is:

Make sure that the drive containing the working directory has enough storage space. In general, this should be no less than 500MB.
Also make sure that the Domino server has permission to read and write to that working directory.
This controls when SecurTrac starts the initialization process. By default, it starts initialization when Domino starts up. However, this may take a while in a very big organization (with a large Domino Directory). By deferring the initialization of SecurTrac, this will improve the Domino server start up time.

SCTProcessLogTime=secondsThis controls how often the SecurTrac addin task cleans up the temp log files in the SctWork folder.


Default is 5 seconds
SCTNILogTime=secondsThis controls how often SecurTrac will check Notes.ini for changes.


Default is 15 seconds