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About the ExtraFax Client System Requirements

The ExtraFax client has the following hardware and software requirements.

A user can access the ExtraFax services through a workstation running either on a Lotus Notes client or via Web Browser software. The ExtraFax client has the same hardware requirement as the Lotus Notes client / Web Browser. Please refer to the corresponding product documentation for the minimum/recommended hardware requirements.

Web Client
Notes Client
OS Platforms SupportedWindows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Lotus Notes Client running on the Windows platform.
Software RequirementAny Web browser that supports frames and JavaScript (Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or later is recommended)Lotus Notes Client 6.5.x / 7.0.x / 8.0.x / 8.5.x
Hardware RequirementAs required by the Web clientAs required by the Notes client
Support Print-to-Fax Driver
(Windows Platform)

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