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Configuring Junk Fax Protection

If you receive "Junk Faxes" on a regular basis in ExtraFax, you may want to consider creating Junk Fax Protection rules.

To configure ExtraFax for Junk Fax protection, follow the steps outlined below:

Junk Fax Protection Rule

  1. Open the ExtraFax Post Office database.
  2. Switch to the Server Administration>>Junk Fax Protection view.
  3. Edit an existing Junk Fax Protection rule or create a new Junk Fax Protection rule document if none exists.
  4. The following table describes the parameters defined in the Junk Fax Protection rule document.

Description:Enter in a description for this Junk Fax Protection Rule
Target:Select weather to target faxes with an empty CSID/Caller ID, or a specific CSID/Caller ID.
Action:Select what action you would like ExtraFax to take on targeted faxes.
Block from receiving - The incoming call will be dropped and the fax will not be received
Keep a copy in Junk Fax view - The junk fax will be moved to the "Junk Faxes" view.
Mark as junk - A prefix of "Junk:" will be added to the subject of the routed fax so that the recipient can distinguish that it is a junk fax.
Exception:You may specify a DID/DTMF or Port that will not be filtered by this junk fax rule.
Switch:Switch the rule On or Off.

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