Connect ExtraFax for Exchange with Box

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Last Modified Date:  02/03/2017

Connect ExtraFax for Exchange with Box

Starting from ExtraFax for Exchange 3.0, you can setup ExtraFax to connect to Box. This will be useful if you want to achieve the following objective:

  1. Route incoming faxes to Box automatically

ExtraFax for Exchange connects to Box using the OAuth 2.0 protocol.

Route incoming faxes to Box

You need to do the following:

    • Create a Box application in Box Developers page using your Box account
    • Create an OAuth 2.0 provider in ExtraFax
    • Create an Inbound Routing Rule that will route faxes to a Box folder that is connected with the above Box account.

Implementation Details

The sections below describe the configuration details.

Create an Application in Box Developers page

1) Sign in to Box Developers Page.

2) Click "Get Started" to create a new application.

3) Type in a name for the application. For example, ExtraFax. Click Create Application. (If the application name is already in use, please specify a different one. For example, Fax Server for Adatum)

4) On the success page, click Configure your application.

5) Under OAuth2 Parameters, enter redirect_uri using the format
<http protocol>://<extrafax server dns name>/auth2/box_oauth2/callback
For example,

Box requires https (not http) in the redirect_uri.
You must configure ExtraFax WebFax to enforce https. (System Configuration -> General Information -> System Settings -> Enforce HTTPS for Web Browser ).
You also need to configure a SSL certificate for the IIS on the ExtraFax server.

Take a note of client_id and client_secret
Scroll to the bottom. Click Save Application.

Create an OAuth 2.0 provider in ExtraFax

1. Sign in to ExtraFax as administrator. Under System, click OAuth 2.0 Provider on the left menu. Click New.
Fill in the details using client_id as the Client Id and client_secret as the Secret value (see section above).
Use the syntax <http protocol>://<extrafax server dns name>/auth2/box_oauth2/callback for the field Redirect URL.
Select "Box" for the Provider field.
Click Save.

Specify Box in Inbound Routing Configuration

1) Sign in to ExtraFax as administrator. Under System Management, click Inbound Routing Configuration. Click New or Edit an existing configuration.

2) In Route to File System, select Cloud Storage. Select the provider created previously. Click Specify Folder Path.

3) A window from Box will pop up. Sign in with your Box account. You will be prompted to grant access to the application (for example, ExtraFax) you created previously. Click Allow to continue.
When succeed, you will be presented with a success screen. Close the window.

4) On the Inbound Routing Configuration page, your login name will be shown. Specify the folder in your Box where the incoming faxes will be stored.

5) Click Save to save the configuration.

6) You may send a test fax to ExtraFax server to verify that incoming faxes are saved in the specified Box folder.

Important Note: By default, ExtraFax use the same filename "AllPages.pdf" when saving file. To avoid overwriting old files, please enable the setting "Insert Timestamp and Fax Record Number Prefix to Incoming Fax Filename" under Organization -> Inbound Settings.