ExtraTxt - Product FAQs

Q1. I have heard that ExtraTxt is a virtual appliance. What is a virtual appliance?

A virtual appliance is a self-contained, pre-configured virtual machine image designed to run on a virtualization platform (e.g. VMware Server). As everything is contained in the virtual appliance package, this makes the software installation far easier than preparing a system, installing the application, and configuring and setting it up. Users can simply download a virtual appliance and run it on a virtualization platform. For more information, please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_appliance.

Q2. Do I need IBM Lotus Domino to run ExtraTxt?

ExtraTxt is deployed as a self-contained virtual appliance which is running on a VMware Server. So it is not necessary to deploy ExtraTxt on a server that is running Lotus Domino.

Q3. Which virtualization platform does ExtraTxt currently support?

Currently ExtraTxt supports VMware Server 2.x, VMware ESXi 4.x/5.x, Microsoft Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V.

Q4. What is VMware Server? Do I need to buy it?

VMware Server is a virtualization platform which is developed by VMware Inc. VMware Server installs and runs as an application on top of a host Windows or Linux operating system. A thin virtualization layer partitions the physical server so that multiple virtual machines can be run simultaneously on a single server.

You do not need to buy VMware Server and you can obtain a free download from http://www.vmware.com/products/server/.

Q5. Which GSM modem or mobile phones can be used by ExtraTxt to send and receive SMS - text messages?

GSM modem/mobile phones used by ExtraTxt should conform to the GSM standards specifying the AT-command interface (e.g. ETSI GSM 07.05 or ETSI GSM 07.07). We would recommend MultiTech MultiModem Cell (MTCBA-G2), Digicom Pocket GSM, Huawei E1780 USB Stick and Huawei E176G USB Stick.

For more information, please see SMS - Text Messaging Hardware and Product Requirements.

Q6. How to test if my mobile phone can support sending SMS using Microsoft HyperTerminal?

Q7. We want to install ExtraTxt on our Windows 2008 server. However, our GSM modem has Windows XP/2003 drivers only. What can I do?

You can set up the following elements on another Windows XP/2003 machine:

  • GSM modem
  • Extracomm Remote Port Server (can be download from Extracomm web site)
Then ExtraTxt server can access the remote GSM modem through Remote Port Server.

Q8. I like the personalized message feature of ExtraTxt and use it to send text messages to our customers. But I do not want to buy and configure hardware like GSM modem. Do I have other alternatives?

No problem. You can use Skype as a device to send text messages. In this way, you do not need to buy and configure hardware. (Note that Skype only supports outbound text messaging.)

Q9. If I use Skype as a device to send SMS in ExtraTxt, is there anything I need to do with Skype?

You need to do the following with Skype:

  1. Download a Skype 3.8 or above from Skype.
  2. Sign up for a Skype user account.
  3. Buy Skype credits so that SMS-text messages can be sent via this Skype user account.

Please see the following links for more details:
How do I sign up for a Skype account?
About Skype Credit

Q10. What is the local and international text messaging rates for Skype?

Q11. Does ExtraTxt provide any API to integrate with other programs?

Yes. ExtraTxt provides API for third party applications to send text messages as well as to query outgoing and incoming text messages that are transmitted through ExtraTxt.

For more information, please see this page for ExtraTxt API.

Q12. I want to access ExtraTxt server through HTTPS. Is it possible?

Yes. You can enable HTTPS on the ExtraTxt server so that you access ExtraTxt through a secure connection.

Q13. How can I upgrade my ExtraTxt server?

You can simply download the update package from our update server and then apply it to your ExtraTxt installation.