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Adding the SecurTrac Audit Trail Smart Icon into the Lotus Notes Client 5/6/7 client

How to Add the SecurTrac Audit Trail Smart Icon, into the Lotus Notes client 5/6/7 client

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With the Audit trail Smart Icon, you can easily show the detailed audit trail (access history) of the currently selected document. For example, if you are looking at the record of Janet Smith and you want to see the full audit trail history of this document, click on the Audit Trail Smart Icon, and a new window will show you all the details.

How to use the SecurTracTM Audit Trail Smart Icon

1. Open the desired database.

2. Select the document in the database. (Either highlighting the document in View or open the document.)

3. Click on the Audit trail Smart Icon, and it will show you the audit trail page for the selected document.

4. You can switch log databases by clicking on the switch database icon .

5. In addition, you can also request a summary report of the activity, by selecting "Send me a summary report". Below is a sample summary report.

Note: The SecurTracTM audit trail smart icon can also be used to track a full history of e-mail messages, Domino Directory documents and database documents provided that SecurTracTM monitoring has been enabled for those documents types.

How to uninstall the SecurTrac Audit Trail Smart Icon

Please refer to the section titled "Uninstall Audit Trail Smart Icon", Database 'SecurTrac Admin Guide', View 'd. Printed Book', Document 'Uninstall Audit Audit Trail SmartIcon'