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Which devices can be used by ExtraFax to send and receive MMS messages?

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Apply to: ExtraFax for Domino 7.0 or above

Starting with version 8.0.1, ExtraFax is capable to support GPRS modems for sending and receiving MMS.

The following models of GPRS modem have been tested:
- MultiTech MultiModem GPRS - RS-232 or USB Models
- Huawei E176 HSPA USB Stick
- Nokia Internet Stick
- Digicom Pocket GSM

For ExtraFax 7.0 - 8.0.1, it is capable to make use of Nokia Symbian phones (S60 2nd or 3rd Edition) for MMS.

The following models of mobile phone have been tested:
1. Nokia 3230
2. Nokia 6680
3. Nokia N73